Vidtasia Review – Best Tool to Create Marketing Videos

Vidtasia Review

Best Tool to Create Marketing Videos

vidtasia review


The fact is, video marketing has now been a trend, but not all marketers can follow the trend. The problem with marketer these days is that video marketing, despite its proven effectiveness, demands a lot of resources. Don’t be put off; this Vidtasia Review will introduce you one of the best tools to create marketing videos with ease.

It would be an endless story to talk about how many dollars to invest, how much time to spend and how much effort to exert to create a marketing video. Now with this software, your resources are minimized while the outcome of your marketing videos is guaranteed to be maximized.

9 Total Score
Vidtasia Rating !

The top video marketers know the hypnotic power of an awesome video. It's been proven time and time again to boost conversions and sales. But to make a great video, you need to have great tools… and unless you know your tools inside out, you’re not getting that kickass video…

Easy To Use
  • Make Super Effective Marketing Videos Using Camtasia With Over The Shoulder Training From An Expert Video Editor.
  • Comes with Slick DFY Templates To Simplify Your Efforts.
  • Easy to use in ANY Niche.
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Vidtasia Review – Overview

vidtasia review

Creator Cham Altatis
Product Vidtasia
Launch Date 2016-Nov-19
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $27
Niche Video
Recommended Highly Recommended


vidtasia review


What is Vidtasia?

Vidtasia is an all-inclusive training on how to use the best tool for creating marketing and educational video. The best part is, it is application based. In other words, it’s not just training on how to use Camtasia, but also on how to create effective marketing videos using this tool.

What are the great features of Vidtasia?

  • Professional screen capture video creation

Vidtasia makes sure you work the very high-end tool once you have it. It provides you with the most professional video creation tool you will ever need. Your videos are guaranteed to be high-quality and beautifully designed.

  • Live action video editing

Now with Vidtasia, edit a video cannot be any easier. You are not required to have any prior skills or experiences in Adobe CC to be able to create an avant-garde marketing video. Your imagination is the only limit.

  • Motion graphic

Vidtasia offers you with a broad range of options for your video content. Besides screen capture and live action videos, you can also create some motion graphic to make your video as trendy-looking as possible. With a cutting-edge marketing video, your business should be ready to enjoy massive leads and sales.

  • Green screen video editing

As defined in my Vidtasia Review, this software is the truly the best tool for creating marketing videos. The green screen video editing allows you to do every single step needed to finalize your video. It makes sure that your video is going to look good in the eyes of the potential customers.

  • Visual effects

Boring videos contains too many words without any transition to trigger the viewers. Now with Vidtasia, you are ensured to be problem-free with your marketing videos. All the videos are published only when they meet your standards and requirements.

  • Video publishing

It is fast and easy to publish a video using Vidtasia. You are longer waiting for hours for your video to be uploaded. Vidtasia is a proven-to-work tool that ensures the publishing process to be smooth and consistent.

And much more.

How does it work?


All of its features go around showing you how it works. So it will be redundant to talk about its operation in this Vidtasia Review. Basically, you will receive the training and grab all the tools provided to get started. Once you get used to its interface, you will be exposed to the endless inspiration to create the best marketing videos.

Price and How to buy it?

Vidtasia is now available with 3 packages:

Front-end at $27: Camtasia training and 10 premade video templates

OTO 1 at $27/month: 10 done-for-you monthly video templates

OTO 2 at $47: Video elements collection

Visit its sales page here.

Why should you buy it?

  • Everything covered

As repeated in my Vidtasia Review, this software is an all-inclusive tool that shows you everything needed to do to make a good-looking marketing video. Whether it is a premade template or a customization tool, you will be more than satisfied with the quality if its features

  • User-friendly

Vidtasia is truly the software for everyone. No coding skill is required, no designing experience is needed. With the point-and-click and drag-and-drop technology, if you can type a document, you surely know to manipulate on Vidtasia.

  • High-performance

It is not another empty promise that tells you it will help you earn big and then return you nothing. It is a piece of training, a tool that helps you to create the best tool for your marketing campaigns. With the step-by-step instruction and the included tools, you are backed by its creators that a beautiful video is just a few clicks away.


Whether you are a newbie or an expert in video marketing, Vidtasia remains as a perfect choice for your marketing toolkit. It is easy-to-use, and it is proven-to-work, what else can you expect from a marketing tool? Grab it now and let it inspired. Thank you for reading my Vidtasia Review, bye!

vidtasia review

vidtasia review

vidtasia review




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vidtasia review


Thank you for taking your golden time to my Penny Clicks Academy review and see you!

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