Rank Recon Review

Rank Recon Review

Should You Buy it?

rank recon review


Our Rank Recon review will cover the various aspects of Rank Recon: what it is, how it works and what it can offer its users. I have many tools, including a few mentioned in my review. I’m not going to tell you which ones, because this isn’t about them, and I don’t want to pull you off topic. This is about the merits of Rank Recon all by itself. Onward…

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What Is Rank Recon?

There has been more than a few programs over the years that have helped marketers plan and optimize SEO campaigns and goals, and I’m going to mention a few of them here in this review, because I believe that they need to be mentioned. Unlike most so called “reviews”, I’m not going to tell you that this is the end all, beat all program for your SEO efforts. Every program has its advantages and disadvantages, including price, ease of use, and so forth, and Rank Recon is no exception.

How Does Rank Recon Work?

Rank Recon takes your inputted keyword and your URL, and kicks out your total link profile, including percentages of anchors and text. It also takes a look at the top rankings of your competition, and gives you an overall ranking report of those sites. You can compare what each site is doing and look at them side by side.

Rank Recon Review: What You Should Know

Rank Recon is not a program per se, but in actuality, a server-based SEO data gathering and analysis service. Some people might have a problem with purchasing an actual program that you don’t have physical access to, but this shouldn’t be a concern. Rank Recon is, in fact an advantage over typical programs or monthly SEO subscription services.


Advantage To A Server Based SEO Program

Because Rank Recon is based on a website, and not a program that is stored on your computer, you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection, whether it be on your personal computer of someone else device. Rank Recon also doesn’t need extras like paid proxies. Rank Recon does pull however, pull data from Moz, and a free Moz API is required.

How Will Rank Recon Reports Help Me In SEO?

The total and type of feedback that a Rank Recon report gives you is second to none. Though there are some programs that give you snippets of data, right now Rank Recon gives you one of the most extensive SEO overviews you can get with a SEO tool.

It gives you an overview of your target keywords that use can use to put together a strategy to rank higher in the search engines.

In other words, Rank Recon lets you see where your competitors are linking from, and how they are optimizing their SEO so you can duplicate what they do and improve your own rankings.

Rank Recon and The Reputation Of Matt Callen

Matt Callen, of course is no stranger to internet products. Him and his brother Brad Callen have produced some of the most popular internet marketing products in history, including HyperVRE, Keyword Elite, and SEO Elite.

While SEO Elite was considered for years to be the gold standard when it came to SEO research, the landscape has changed in terms of getting sites ranked. Now, other factors have changed how Google and other search engines prioritize search engine rankings.


Rank Recon takes newer search engine ranking factors into considerations, such as social signals that other SEO programs don’t. An aspect that Google has recently added to its ranking considerations is Google Authorship, as well as Facebook Likes, LinkdIn, Google+ and other social factors. Rank Recon shows

Advantages Of Rank Recon

One of the advantages of Rank Recon is in its speed. It can kick out a comprehensive analysis for a keyword or a site in under a minute, which is tons faster than any other tool on the market. Most tools need proxies, as we discussed earlier to access Google the amount of times it needs to get all the various data needed to assemble a SEO report. Some of the more prominent keyword tools can take from 30 minutes to an hour of more to put together what Rank Recon can give you in just minutes.

Another advantage is that Rank Recon gives you the most complete SEO profiles of any other web tool. SEO Spyglass, IBP, SEO Elite and other can’t give you the same in depth reporting that Rank Recon can. It’s the most in-depth information retriever for SEO work available now.

What Do I Think Of Rank Recon?

To conclude this Rank Recon review, let me just say this: There is no other SEO analysis tool like this one on the market today. It’s fast, it supplies the user a plethora of information in lightning fast order, and does it for less than just about every other SEO analysis software on the market, including Market Samurai, SEO Spyglass, SEO Elite, and other well-known programs.

Overall, Rank Recon is a great value for the money. If you have an SEO analysis tool, this would be the perfect one to get, not only because its priced more reasonably than the others, but because it’s the only one on the market that accounts for social signals that Google is accounting for more and more. You do a great injustice to your rankings if you don’t consider these.


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