Fresh Store Builder v7 Review – Should You Buy It?

Fresh Store Builder v7 Review

Hi there! If you are looking for a software to  create a niches site/ webiste to do affiliate or selling things with Amazon or something like that, then  Fresh Store Builder v7 is right for you. Why do I say that? because Fresh Store Builder v7 possesses many features that other software don’t have. So what are these features? Let’s check out this review, I’m going to tell you all about it, but first of all let’s take a look at the following information:

Fresh Store Builder v7 Review – Overview

Product Name: Fresh Store Builder v7   

Creator: Carey Baird     

Official Website: Click here to go Fresh Store Builder v7 Official Site

Launch Date: 2016-1-06 at 11:00 EST

Price: $49.95  

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 You know, creating a niches site/ website to do affiliate with Amazon today is not difficult at all because here are many softwares that can helps you build a store just in minutes. However, to choose a software that is really powerful in creating a store and helps you convert traffic into sales the most, then I recommend you choose Fresh Store Builder v7. Why? because of the following features:

Special features of Fresh Store Builder v7

Fresh Store Builder v7 provides you:

  • Complete customisation: This is a feature that you will not find in other Amazon stores. FSB v7 gives complete customisation with your products, categories, descriptions.. That is why FSB store will outrank them all
  • Six different temperates: if you want a new look, just pick one of these templates, hit submit and your site will update in second. Those templates are proven to be high converting.
  • Widgetised home page: you can change your front page as you like with your wordpress site
  • Template framework: this feature enables you to build your own custom templates and designs to make a truly unique brand
  • Visual design editor: You can freely change yourtemplate to meet your requirment..without needing to know any code.

    • Multiple traffic sources enabled right out of the box: you will find no other store that enable you to reach such a diverse range of traffic easily
    • Silo structure: your store will automatically buildsilo-structure internal links that are exactly what Google love to see in value-rich site
    • Sin rewrite integration: Is it interesting? you will not worry about how to write descriptions Goole loves, you just hook your spin rewrite accout and let rewrite all descriptions for you.
    • Rich spin enabled: this extraudinary feature will let your spin show up as products, sync price, titles and images, and you dont need to update them when Amazon does anymore because it does all for you.
    • Smart catching: Becasue Fresh Store Builder load really fast that gives you better conversions and better ranking on SERPs


  • Customer reviews: this function will let yours buyers leave reviews directly on your sites but not on Amazon.This seems to be a normal feature, but acctually it does more than that. These reviews give you more social testimonies, more converstions as well as UNIQUE CONTENTS
    Remote shopping cart with 90-day cookies: This means that it will remembers all the items your customers added. This gives you higher conversions for higher amounts, give you more commissions
    Customisable related products: Fresh Store Builder is the ONLY store that lets you pick and choose what products related you show, rather than haveing Amazon dedicate to you.
  • Custom product images: It allows you to create you own images for your products on your site, giving your customers unique perspectives and your store will stand out in the crowd.
  • Extended Smart Search: The store will automatically show products frm Amazon that match the search terms of the customers, even you have not added them to your store. So you’ll never miss out commissions.
    Ajax Cart: It seems that every store has a cart for customers to add items in. However, cart in FSB is more special. They can add products to the cart without the page needing to refresh, giving them smoother experience and encouraging them to buy even more.
  • Mobile-Ready Templates: All temolates are updated to look great on mobile devices, letting the store owner benefit from Google’s favouritism for mobile ready webistes.

  • Detailed Analystics: You can see how many clicks, sales you have made right on the dashboard
    Automatic or Manual Product Populating: just pick a category, add a keyword and FSB will find the best productsto fill your store directly from Amazon. However, if you want to more a little bit control, you can add product by yourself just be entering their ASI number.
  • Custom Buy Buttons: Do you think you can get more commissions outside of Amazon associates? Well, just customise you button to point to any affiliate program you like.
  • 3-Minute Install: The installation process has been back to the bare essentials, so you can be up and running as fast as possible.
  • Store Health Check: make sure your business is always firing on all cylinders, The Store Health Check highligts any issues and tell you how to fix them.

So you have know all the amzing things about Fresh Store Builder v7. It is a kind of “30 minute Amazon store”. Once the store is set up, you can run it hand-free forever, or you can flip into maunal and customise everything.

What Is Fresh Store Builder v7 All About?

Why Fresh Store Builder v7 keep selling things?

Because Fresh Store Builder drive more traffic than any other stores: FSB is designed to pull traffic from all the best free sources on the web, fully SEO optimized, more chances to add unique content than other store, Facebook autoposting, and it does not stop there.

Because it does everything right out of the box: Users can add products automatically, pull in reviews, choose from a huge range of templates and skin… most Amazon upsell this stuff, but with FSB it’s all included. Customers get massive value they can’t resist.

because with this new release, Fresh Store Builder brings the power of Pinterest to Amazon Affiliates everywhere.: Pinterest has become one of the world’s biggest social networks…,  Pinterest users are often ACTIVE SEEKING products to buy. With FSB v7, your subscribers ‘re gonna get to take full advantages.

  • Automatically Create Pinboard and post products according to your own schedule
  • ‘Rich’s Pin’ let your items show as products, with the price and full information, letting hungry browsers know where thye can buy it right away
  • Automatic syncing means your pins update whenever Amazon does

And all that lets your users bring in traffic like this:

This is only from Pinterest. With all the SEO and Facebook wearponary on top, you can see how Fresh Store Builder pulls visitors with barely any effort.

Should you get Fresh Store Builder v7

Well, it depends on you, but I recommend you get it right now. Although I will not say Fresh Store Builder is the best software to create a store with Amazon, it is proven to be one of the best, and trusted the most by users at the momenet.

Let’s ‘subscribe now’ to get lifetime access right now. This is the special link. As in 2016 Fresh is shifting to a subscription, and users will need to pay $97/ month for 10 stores. But get FSB from this site you can get access for LIFE for a one time payment. I repeat again. This is special link and we are not offering a massive discount – we have pulled out all the stops to make sure your conversions are through the roof.

What’s more you will get more FREE bonus from this site. See the bonus here. Only $49,95 you can get life access for Fresh Store Builder v7. So don’t miss the chance!

Thank you for reading Fresh Store Bulder v7 Review. Hope you get right software.Cheers!


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